Terms of use for worldwatchers Big Picture of Change Challenge

Terms of use

The following terms of use are binding for all users of the worldwatchers Big Picture of Change Challenge. If you click on the button "send", you accept the rules and explanations mentioned here and accept them.

1. contents

1.1 The operator of the portal www. worldwatchers.earth, worldwatchers GbR, hereinafter referred to as WoW), offers users the possibility to publish 1 picture with the maximum resolution of 128px x128px to their own person in the photo database "Big Pic of Change Challenge". The goal is to create the world's largest image.

1.2 The "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database is provided voluntarily by WoW and may be restricted or discontinued at any time (in whole or in part) without giving reasons. Users have no claim to the availability and timeliness of the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database. No liability is assumed for the availability of the database or for the correctness and completeness of the entries. WoW reserves the right to design the appearance uniformly in accordance with the editorial style guide. If a person, a company, an institution or an association does not agree with the publication of his address, he has the right to free correction or deletion of the entry.

1.3 The composite image of all individual images is provided on the worldwatchers easzyzoom account (www.easyszoom.com) for viewing, zooming and moving as an integrated (REST) application and directly in Easyzom. The images do not contain any reference to user data, names or mails. The images are displayed in tiles with a maximum of 128px x 128px.


2nd entry in the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database

2.1 The following criteria apply for listing in the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database:

  • The person/company/institution would like to set an example for more climate protection with this entry.
  • The person/company/institution does not pursue any direct commercial purposes with the entry.

2.2 The pretence of false identities, such as the use of protected brand names or the imitation of another natural or legal person, is prohibited.

3. obligations of the user

3.1 By entering his data, the user legally declares that he does not distribute or publish in the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database any contributions or file attachments that are offensive, harassing, defamatory, hateful, obscene, in any form harmful to minors, are vulgar, sexually oriented, pornographic, racist, inhuman, discriminatory (e.g. with regard to age, gender, language, origin, religion, ideology, disability), abominable or threatening or otherwise violate any applicable laws in the Federal Republic of Germany; incite the people to hatred, lead them to commit criminal acts or glorify or trivialise violence, contain viruses, bypass devices within the meaning of the Access Control Services Act or unsolicited mass mailings (spam), or otherwise violate public morals and/or recognised manners and rules of conduct on the Internet (netiquette). In particular, insults, defamations, slander and the like against other users or other natural or legal persons or institutions are strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to call for unlawful or illegal acts or to favour the possibility of such acts in any way.

3.2 The user is solely and comprehensively responsible for the contents posted by him. The user also undertakes to compensate WoW for all damages (including all expenses) resulting from culpable violations of these terms of use. The user expressly indemnifies WoW from all claims of third parties and the costs of the associated legal proceedings which are asserted against WoW on the basis of the content posted by the user.

3.3 The use of vulgar or hateful language, even below the insult limit, and in particular criticism of abusive language, shall not be tolerated. The texts must be written in German or English and the rules of spelling and punctuation must be observed.

3.4 Within the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database, users are prohibited from taking any action that damages the reputation of the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database, the WoW or its official representatives and/or impairs their reputation. The operator of the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database is free to impose sanctions if these obligations are violated.

3.5 If the user violates the obligations incumbent upon him according to these terms of use, he is obliged to reimburse the expenses incurred by WoW as well as to indemnify and hold WoW harmless from claims for damages and reimbursement of expenses by third parties caused by the violation. This also applies if the damage is caused by others, as far as this is attributable to the user.

3.6 WoW has no influence on the content published by users and refers to the responsibility of users for their content. The user undertakes to indemnify WoW against all claims by third parties based on content written by him.

4. content of the individual entries

4.1 In the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database, freedom of expression applies in principle, which is restricted only by existing laws. However, WoW reserves the right not to add or delete entries to the database without further justification.

4.2 If, in the opinion of WoW's online editorial staff, an entry violates applicable law, it will be deleted or edited without prior warning. Users expressly have no right to publish their entries.

4.3 WoW does not check the content of the entries for their truthfulness. WoW therefore expressly points out that user entries may contain false claims of fact and/or infringe the rights of third parties. It cannot be ruled out that entries have been deliberately written to mislead and/or deceive readers about the author or the content. If entries written by users obviously contain illegal content, such entries will be removed by WOW immediately after knowledge. If necessary, the user will be informed about the deletion of his entries.

5. personal data

5.1 The use, processing and application of personal data is carried out in accordance with our data protection declaration, which you can download here. here to be able to see the truth.

5.2 In order to use the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database, the following data, among others, is temporarily stored in a database: IP address of the user's computer, date and time of access, data entered by the user, amount of data transferred, files uploaded, identification data of the browser and operating system used, website from which the access is made, name of your Internet access provider, notification as to whether an entry in the database was successful. This data is protected against unauthorized access. The user expressly agrees that this data may be stored.

6. personal data of third parties

6.1 Personal data of third parties (such as their address, telephone number, etc.) may only be published in the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database with the express permission of the person concerned. If it is not assumed that such permission has been granted, WOW's online editorial staff will delete this data. Personal data in this sense also includes data of third parties freely available on the Internet, such as can be obtained by a Who-is query. E-mails may also only be published in the database entries with the consent of the sender.

6.2 Only the user who has reproduced the information is liable for the unauthorised reproduction of personal data of third parties.

7. upload data

7.1 Users can upload files such as jpgs. These files may have a maximum size of 128px x 128px, the app automatically calculates the image section based on a cropping frame. The file provided for upload must not be more than 5MB in size in its original form. WOW reserves the right to revoke the right to upload files in the event of abuse by individual or all users.

7.2 Material protected by copyright or prohibited by other rules of use may not be uploaded. The respective user is solely liable for infringements of copyright and other laws. Appendices that are unsuitable or, in the opinion of the online editorial staff, objectionable for other reasons will be deleted by the service editorial staff without further inquiry. The decision on this is the sole responsibility of the service editorial staff.

8. photos

Photos on which persons are recognizably depicted may only be published in the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database if the persons depicted on them have consented to the publication and distribution of the picture, or if the publication is permissible for other reasons. The user is solely responsible for the legal admissibility of the image uploaded by him. In addition to personal rights, this also applies in particular to copyright law. In case of doubt, the user is advised to contact the online editorial office before uploading a file.

9. advertising, links

Advertising content is prohibited. This also applies to party advertising. Advertising for commercial websites is not tolerated. Links to commercial websites are also to be understood as advertising in this sense. Links to websites with a non-commercial character are permitted which, in the opinion of the online editorial team, are thematically related to the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database. The decision on the admissibility of links is the sole responsibility of WOW.

10. spam, multipostings

Advertising postings will be deleted. Multiple entries with the same content are also deleted. If the content is thematically appropriate and useful, one of these entries can be retained.

11. responsibility/liability for contents of entries

The author of the respective entry is solely responsible and liable for the content of the entries. This also applies to links to external websites. Such pages are not subject to the responsibility of WOW.

12. sanctions

The online editorial team exercises a virtual house right in the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database. The service editors reserve the right to delete users who violate the terms of use.

13. punishable content

In case of criminal relevant content of an entry WOW expressly reserves the right to delete the database entry immediately and to file a complaint against the author. For this purpose, in this case the corresponding data (date, time, IP address) will also be passed on to the law enforcement authorities.

14. other

14.1 WOW is entitled to change these Terms of Use at any time. WOW will inform the user in good time of any changes to the terms of use applicable to him. The user will be informed of any changes in the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database and, if applicable, by e-mail. The change shall be deemed to have been approved by the user if he does not object to the change within one month of receipt of the change notification.

14.2 The terms of use listed here apply to the content of the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database. WOW is not responsible for the offers of third parties linked from the "Big Pic of Change Challenge" database. These offers are subject to the terms of use of the third parties.

14.3 Place of performance and jurisdiction is Munich. Any exclusive place of jurisdiction shall remain unaffected by this.

14.4 Both these Terms of Use and the relationship between the User and WOW shall be governed exclusively by German law to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

14.5 This program, all software components, the associated database(s) and the program and data concept are protected by copyright. The user receives the non-exclusive right to use the program at a computer workstation. The right is not transferable, rentable or lendable. It is strictly prohibited to copy, duplicate, rent, publish, redesign or transfer the program, parts of the program, the database or the data records, or to transfer or use the program from a main memory to another data carrier. Infringements will be prosecuted by the provider in accordance with applicable law, using all legal means available.

15. worldwatchers Privacy Policy

The use of the site and the database "Big Pic of Change Challenge" is subject to the privacy policy of worldwatchers, even if no personal data is collected.

The Privacy Policy can be viewed here: worldwatchers Privacy Policy


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